Sharing Hunt's story

Below you’ll find a collection of links to interviews, appearances, and rig walk arounds we’ve made over the course of our travels as Team Hunt.

We welcome the opportunity to meet new people and promote our mission to improve the lives of children with special needs through exposure to the outdoors. If you would like to get in touch about sharing our story and mission on your channel or in your publication, please get in touch via our Contact Form and include “Press” in the subject line.

Important Note Regarding Funding

Team Hunt and Team Hunt Adventure are the driving force and fundraising efforts behind The Hunt Michael Hollis Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle TN. The Hunt Michael Hollis Fund supports families who have loved ones with mitochondrial disease, developmental delays, and special needs through raising awareness and money to help find a cure and to provide various therapy programs. We are a 401c3 non-profit and none of the money we raise goes towards Hunt’s therapies, medical needs, or our travel.